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Pediatric Audiology Casebook

Pediatric Audiology Casebook
Author: Jane Madell
Edition: 1 Har/DVD
Binding: Kindle Edition
Category: Medical

Pediatric Audiology Casebook

Pediatric Audiology Casebook bridges the gap between content knowledge and clinical application in an accessible manner that will enable readers to put learned theory into active practice by engaging them in problem-based learning. Download Pediatric Audiology Casebook medical books for free.
his compendium of key cases is an excellent choice for the classroom, covering everything from basic and complex diagnostic cases, to hearing aid technology, vestibular issues, and the management of auditory development. Each case is consistently organized, beginning with the patients clinical history and audiologic testing. The authors then pose a series of evaluative questions to the reader, followed by carefully considered, thought-provoking answers designed to foster understanding. Case Get Pediatric Audiology Casebook our bestseller medical books.


Pediatric Audiology Casebook Download


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