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Handbook of Pain Assessment

Handbook of Pain Assessment
Author: Dennis C. Turk
Edition: 2nd
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 157230488X
Category: Medical

Handbook of Pain Assessment, Second Edition

Now in a revised and expanded second edition, this classic text provides comprehensive coverage of the most advanced methods for assessing the person in pain. Download Handbook of Pain Assessment medical books for free.
The Volume addresses the full range of isssues that influence patients' perception and reporting of pain, as well as their responsiveness to treatment--physical pathology, psychosocial factors, and behavioral variables. Leading authorities describe the available instruments and best procedures, review their limitations and advantages, and provide practical information and guidelines for assessing prevalent pain syndromes. The volume has been updated throughout to reflect the latest research findings, conceptual developments, innovative methods, and directions for future investigation. Get Handbook of Pain Assessment our bestseller medical books.


Handbook of Pain Assessment Download

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