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Author: John W. Oller
Edition: Second
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 1597565016
Category: Medical

Milestones: Normal Speech and Language Development Across the Lifespan, Second Edition

Milestones: Normal Speech and Language Development Across the Lifespan is a textbook for the introductory course in Language Development for students in Speech-Language Pathology, Communication Disorders, Special Education, Educational Psychology and Education. Download Milestones medical books for free.
It adopts a coherent chronological approach, beginning with responsiveness to speech and language in the womb and working across the lifespan into maturity and beyond. By using a chronological organization, the text helps students relate the material to the whole person at each milestone. It takes a constructive approach, starting with the simplest theoretical apparatus of the youngest infant, gradually increasing in complexity and comprehensiveness one milestone at a time. Th Get Milestones our bestseller medical books.


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